Influence Marketing: Moving From Macro to Micro Bloggers 07.09.2020
Working with micro-influencers is the trend of the near future. More and more marketers work locally, referring to a narrow target audience in advertising, and therefore collaborate with niche influencers with up to 50 thousand subscribers. They mostly ignore celebrities and bloggers with a million audiences. Find out who is right for your company – macro or micro-influencer. Working with bloggers involves purely personal communication, getting to know different features of characters, and fulfilling a variety of requirements. Benefits of macro-influencers
  • High-quality video, photos, texts, professional shooting, interesting and well-written posts.
  • Cooperation schemes have been worked out. As the blogger has experience working with advertisers, he can offer you an effective post format.
  • Zero emotions. Influencer marketing is just a business for a major influencer, so you don't need to look for an approach to it, give in, or cope with emotions while communicating personally.
If the goal of an advertising campaign is a maximum possible coverage for brand awareness in the market, there is no better alternative than bloggers with a million audience. Benefits of micro-influencers
  • It is easier to negotiate. You communicate directly, without agents and intermediaries, with whom it can be difficult to negotiate on favorable terms for the brand.
  • Targeted audience. Girls are subscribed to beauty bloggers, builders are subscribed to builders, and teenagers are mostly subscribed to game bloggers.
  • Microbloggers are trusted more than giants that often abuse advertising. Users perceive the emotional message of the advertisement as a personal recommendation. As a result, coverage is massive.
  • Bloggers with a small community work on content very carefully and infinitely value each subscriber, because reputation is important to them. Their labor result is natural advertising that resonates with the audience and deeply engages.
  • Personalized content. A niche influencer quickly answers questions in direct, in comments, and private messages, and will do the same on behalf of the brand. At the same time, he has a stronger emotional connection with the user, than an unfamiliar and distant celebrity.
  • Willingness to work for barter. The main thing is not to drive the opinion leader into a narrow framework and make cooperation mutually beneficial. Bonus - a blogger can turn into a client or an ambassador at any time.
  • Each subscriber of an influencer is a potential brand ambassador. By sharing recommendations with acquaintances, friends, and family, the subscriber exponentially increases the reach of the audience.
We recommend using the help of niche micro-influencers (5-50 thousand subscribers) in order to engage the audience, interact, and build trust in the product. They manage to motivate well to buy the product, especially in a long-term campaign. Ideal advertising campaign: micro + macro Try different forms of interaction with influencers. This will bring a better result to your brand. It is important to involve experienced professionals to help organize influencer marketing with bloggers on social networks, calculate the effectiveness, and a placement benefit. We know that the interaction between macro and micro-influencers works best. The key is to choose the bloggers that are most relevant to your audience and your influencer marketing goals. The HypeAuditor technology will help you with this. HypeFactory agency specialists will develop a strategy and advertising campaign with bloggers, predict its effectiveness, and professionally correct it as it progresses.

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