How to tackle influencer fraud

Micro influencers will write branded posts for a low cost per post, and companies such as HypeFactory, have tools - some that use AI - that can identify the correct micro-influencers for campaigns.

Majority of UK Instagram influencers engage in fakery - landmark new study

More than half of UK Instagram accounts have been found to engage some form of fraudulent activity, including buying mass followers, likes or inauthentic comments and using engagement bots, a comprehensive global study has found.

Online Influencers Tell You What to Buy, Advertisers Wonder Who’s Listening

HypeAuditor, an analytics firm, investigated 1.84 million Instagram accounts and found more than half used fraud to inflate the number of followers.

Some influencers had large numbers of followers who weren’t real people, meaning the accounts had been bought or were inactive, according to Anna Komok, HypeAuditor’s marketing manager. Clues include large numbers of followers outside the influencer’s home country.

Indian Instagram Influencers Have 16 Million Fake Followers

… data analytics firm HypeAuditor has found that many influencers in India have more fake followers than fake smiles. The study analysed 1.84 million Instagram accounts in 82 countries and found the three regions with the most fake followers on the Facebook-owned platform are the US (49 million), Brazil (27 million) and India (16 million).

10 of the Best Tools to Find Relevant Influencers on Social Media

HypeAuditor finds influencers that are right for your brand, based on reach, demographics, audience language, location, age, gender, and engagement. And like many other tools, HypeAuditor pays close attention to figuring out whether the influencer is real.

How To Choose Micro-Influencers That Can Build Brand Trust

HypeAuditor can help you identify influencers based on reach, demographics and audience. These tools can also help ensure you're connecting with influencers who are authentically engaging with real followers.

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