10M+ Influencers

We have daily database updates of influencers from 253 countries, with over 30 filters, and an endless number of keywords that can find the right creators for your needs.

Define your Target Audience using these 12+ criterias

In-depth information about influencers’ followers including; country, city, age, gender, language, ethnicity and more.

Optimize your budget with the Audience Overlap Tool

We check the percentage of audience overlap in order to optimize your budget. Depending on your goals, we can prevent ad fatigue or enhance results by increasing touch points with the audience.

Luxury Marketing to Affluent Consumers

An AI-based solution for targeting audiences with high income to promote luxury goods through influencers.

100% Fraud Detection

Companies will spend over $7 billion on advertising to fake influencer audiences this year. But thanks HypeAuditor's best-in-class solution for detecting influencer fraud, our clients can be confident that they are getting the most out of their budget.

20+ platforms

Including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, WeChat, QQ, QZone and more.

14 languages

To meet your marketing goals, we'll find influencers with your target audience in any country, so you can be sure that your idea won't be lost in translation.

Transparent Campaign Tracking

Real-time campaign monitoring with quick access to ongoing results so clients can ensure that objectives and guidelines are being met.

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About us
  • In 2019 the founders of HypeAuditor decided to expand their reach on influencer marketing and create a full-service marketing agency.

  • With the help of AI technology, we select the most authentic influencers in any country, region, or city whose followers meet the criteria for your desired target audience.
  • We then create data-driven marketing campaigns to meet your KPIs and apply a transparent and measurable approach at all stages; from the selection of influencers and budget estimation, to in-depth, post-campaign analytics.