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More than just a list of bloggers


In hype we trust

We believe that influencer marketing is more than a nice looking content. HypeFactory creates controlled and effective hype around your brand. Being addicted to machine learning and marketing KPIs here at HypeFactory we eliminate the brands from working with fake, knowingly ineffectual placements.

When the rational meets the creative

100 000+ creators

And access to all celebrities all over the world: US, UK, France, Germany, Russia and more. We cherry-pick best creators of the region to reach your marketing goals.

Work with true influencers

AI powered analytics:
we know all about creator's audience (geo, gender, age), interests, real followers/fraud and even more.

Know your rivals

Spy on your competitors to develop an effective strategy. Our algorithms tracks influencer marketing activity and pre-estimate the result.

Take it easy

Simplified & transparent campaign workflow. Want to get into the process? Or you just need a final result? You choose. Flexible discount system and legal support are included.

Step by step

  1. 01
    Selecting the most relevant creators
  2. 02
    Picking best mix of influencers, based on numbers, campaign goals and brand vision
  3. 03
    Developing influencer marketing strategy as a part of brand communication
  4. 04
    Creating scenario of publication and managing campaign
  5. 05
    Measure the campaign success and provide recommendations

Content that's easy to get, Influence that's easy to measure

HypeFactory makes social celebrities work on your brand through full stack of marketing tools. Make influencer marketing part of the brand communication strategy, not a sloppy patch on the canvas. Think wider.

They believe in us:

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