How to organize an effective marketing advertising campaign 18.08.2020
Recommendations received from friends work better than advertisements. The recommendations of famous people and authorities work even better. We willingly express opinions and happily retell stories that are in harmony with our own worldview. Obviously, sales are based on trust and interpersonal relationships. It is logical that today bloggers have become opinion leaders, those who create sustainable demand. Cooperation with them can produce amazing results. It will probably bring results, but not always. How not to waste your budget, choose the right blogger and organize an effective advertising campaign? The answer is obvious: seek help from professionals. Influence agencies act as intermediaries between advertisers and influencers, which we also call “influencers”. They help to choose the most suitable blogger for a specific brand and campaign, to determine the right message for the target audience. Agencies of this type work with the same social networks, but work in different ways, therefore it is difficult even to compare the results of their work. How do you evaluate an Influence agency? Like any meaningful choice, this choice should be based on specific categories. One of the main criteria is the ability to assess the effect even before the launch of an advertising campaign, the fight against fraud and flexible targeting of the audience. HypeFactory does not take a shot in the dark when choosing opinion leaders. The agency's work is based on deep analytics and exclusive marketing tools:
  • We maintain a database of 11 million bloggers across all possible social media platforms. We are not limited to working with the popular Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Based on the target audience, we can find exactly those bloggers that are best suited for it. We are able to work with narrow-size products and promote brands that are relevant, for example, only in a certain area of the city.
  • We use the most flexible filters to find the right influencers and target audience: location, age, gender, growth rate, keywords, number of comments, audience involvement, number of views, audience size. All this allows us to accurately select the profile of influencers, clearly define the demography of the target audience and assess the quality of coverage.
  • Our self-learning algorithms use a variety of patterns to identify suspicious accounts and understand when and which bloggers increase the number of subscribers, positive feedback and comments. This means the advertiser doesn't pay for non-existent subscribers. We leave no chance for Frode.
  • Even before launching a campaign, a business can assess the real effect for selected influencers using our proprietary HypeAuditor technologies. Campaign results and real-time analytics are easily integrated into advertisers' information systems.
  • HypeFactory offers a full cycle of brand advertising: find the right influencers, get real-time reports, analyze fraud and monitor campaign efficiency. We will find exactly those influencers for the brand who will get a desired response from the target audience. We see things that others do not notice.

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