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Vivid is a unique fintech company

that provides not only mobile banking services but also a digital investing platform. Vivid’s users can access everything from a single app.

Germany results:

CPM €44; CPI €75

Italy results:

CPM €21; CPI €49

Spain results:

CPM €11; CPI €42
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Vivid is a German-based and Europe-wide fintech company with more than 400 employees. The company strives to provide everyone with easy access to investing and banking services.


This was an ongoing campaign that was running during 17 months and targeted men and women between 25 and 45 years old who work at large corporations and often buy products or services online. The campaign was running in Germany, Italy, France, and Spain.

vivid гео


For this campaign, we used YouTube and Instagram and partnered with influencers who publish content in several categories: finance, investments, crypto, lifestyle, education, entertainment, and technology. The campaign had four goals:

build customer loyalty and trust

increase brand awareness

increase the number of installs and new accounts

inform about new services and products (e.g., crypto investment opportunities)

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