10 Benefits of Influence Marketing to Grow Your Business 21.08.2020
78% of respondents from various companies and businesses, who participated in the Influencer Marketing Hub survey, allocate a budget for influence marketing in 2020. 91% of respondents find influence marketing to be effective. Let's take a closer look at influence marketing efficiency for business.
  1. Hitting the target. TV advertisements tend to be annoying. This is because it offers products and services to a predominantly irrelevant audience. This approach can be compared to cold selling. In influencer marketing, a business chooses an influencer with a suitable target audience. The campaign gets effective because subscribers are interested in the related content.
  2. A loyal audience profile. The influencer has already spent a lot of time and effort to earn credibility among his subscribers and followers. Now, a group of people with common interests trusts his opinion. Thus, some of the marketing functions are transferred to the opinion leader.
  3. The manner of communication and presentation. Each influencer has already developed his own unique way of communicating with the audience. Readers love the tone, jokes, visual content of their authority. Sponsored posts usually fit natively into the existing context and format, which creates additional conditions for building trust in the product.
  4. Brand recognition. It is important for a starting little-known business that someone well-known speaks positively about it. Mentioning in a positive context increases the socialization of the business and attracts investors. The existing stable business needs new sales markets, new resources and new ways to attract customers.
  5. Result in real time. Typically, the effect of the right blogger ad campaign appears immediately after its launch. Read the post on Instagram – go for it. This is especially true for goods and services of regular consumption (for example, cosmetics), information products and mobile applications.
  6. High Customer Lifetime Value. According to statistics, the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV or LTV) when using influencer marketing is the highest compared to traditional methods of attracting customers. In other words, a customer attracted through influencer marketing will stay a regular customer longer and buy more. This is because the audience trusts the blogger.
  7. Fast access to new markets. Influence marketing has proven to be effective in entering new markets. A product launch in a new country, accompanied by an influencer advertising campaign, will be much more successful. The target audience will not get the feeling that they are again being “shoved” something from the TV or from billboards.
  8. Traditional media support. Influencer marketing is becoming a powerful catalyst for traditional advertising campaigns. It increases brand recognition through positive feedback from an influencer. That is a person who, from the point of view of the target audience, understands the issue and has already tested a new product.
  9. The concept of a knowledgeable assistant. Many influencer advertising campaigns use a model in which the influencer solves an existing problem, educates and inspires the target audience. A life hack from your favorite blogger is often perceived as a way to do something cheaper and more efficiently.
  10. Reposts and sharing. The advertising campaign does not end with the post of the influencer on Instagram. The target audience reposts and talks about the product verbally, using both strong and weak connections. Quite often, a blogger campaign went viral. Influence campaigns always have the potential to expand.
These are just some of the reasons why influence marketing is effective for a business. Obviously, influence marketing is the fastest growing way to attract customers. To ignore him today is to leave the field.

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