10M+ Influencers datadase

Our databases are updated daily with over 10M influencers from around the world that are tailored to the needs of your marketing campaigns.

Over 30 filters and an endless number of keywords to find creators that are the perfect fit, even for niche marketing campaigns.

It's the only discovery tool where you can filter influencers by quality metrics and select fair creators with a real audience — no fraud and cheating involved with your money.

Define your Target Audience using these 12+ criterias

Our analytics tool created by HypeAuditor and powered by machine learning, allows us to choose creators based on their audience demographics: - Age - Gender - Location: country, city, state - Language - Ethnicity - Interests - Audience Engagement - Audience quality (percentage of real people, mass followers and suspicious accounts) with other criteria available.

We can target very narrow and specific audiences from all over the world.

14 languages

Our production team speaks Russian, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and other languages. We understand the cultural background of audiences from different countries and can adapt your marketing campaign accordingly to increase engagement and profitability.

We can expand and scale campaigns within a short period of time and manage over 700 influencers simultaneously.

20+ platforms

Create campaigns using influencers on the most popular social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, without being limited by them.

If your goal is to reach a specific audience, we’ll find where they are most active, regardless of the platform. This includes but not limited to: Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, QQ, or Qzone.

100% Fraud Detection

Only 55% of the Instagram audience is comprised of real people, while the rest include bots or mass followers. To analyze audience quality and detect inauthentic activity, we use HypeAuditor, an industry standard in fraud detection.

Its AI-based technology reveals anomalies in followers' quality and growth, detects inauthentic comments and likes, as well as c comment pods.

For more information about the fraud problem in influencer marketing, take a look at the following report

Optimize budget
with Audience Overlap tool

Our in-house Audience Overlap Tool allows us to optimize your budget.

Prevent ad fatigue by choosing creators with the lowest percentages of overlap.

Alternatively, increase the number of touch points with the audience by finding influencers with the greatest audience overlap.

Luxury Marketing for Affluent Consumers

Our in-house AI-based solution targets wealthy audiences and allows you to promote luxury goods and services through influencers.

With this tool, we can find creators with a bigger percentage of affluent audiences among their followers.

Transparent Campaign Tracking

Real-time campaign monitoring with quick access to ongoing results to ensure that your objectives and guidelines are being met.

We apply transparent and measurable approaches at all stages, from the selection of influencers and budget estimation, to in-depth post-campaign analytics.

In-Depth Post Campaign Analytics

Following the end of the marketing campaign, we provide an extensive report that gives an in-depth analysis of each influencer's effectiveness.

The analysis provides conclusions on whether the KPIs were met, recommendations and how to scale future campaigns without compromising an influencers level of productivity.

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