Artificial Intelligence is Allowing Greater Insights Into Influencer Marketing, Says HypeFactory

Regina Tsvyrava, Chief Operating Officer at HypeFactory, discusses how artificial Intelligence (AI) and large scale data analysis is allowing micro-inspection of influencer marketing strategies and exposing ‘fake’ accounts.

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Influencers are transforming the gaming industry, according to analysis by HypeFactory

Projections show that by 2023, there will be over three billion gamers worldwide, and the industry's rapid growth shows no signs of slowing down. Regina Tsvyrava, Chief Operating Officer at HypeFactory, discusses how influence marketing is transforming the gaming industry.

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How to Promote Mobile Applications Through Opinion Leaders

Mobile apps are now a staple in the modern world and are even key for most businesses to operate. Whether a business pushes content solely through an app or uses it to provide additional services, apps are now one of the main ways that we consume content.


Influencer Marketing Competes With Television for Advertising Budgets

Artem Paulkin, Commercial Director of HypeFactory influencer marketing agency, told how technology will make influencer marketing the main channel for brands to communicate with their audience.


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