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Unique technology helps us create best campaigns that meet the KPIs

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In order to run effective campaigns, we:

  • Use 55+ targeting metrics, spanning 4 social media platforms

  • Have the ability to target specific audiences with high income

  • Have the ability to target a specific city or even a specific area

  • Have access to over 16 million influencers using our database

  • Use our own cutting-edge analytical tools to analyze platforms / channels / topics etc.

Discovering the Best Influencers

HypeFactory learns from comprehensive and accurate data to identify influencers best suited for your marketing campaign by measuring Audience Quality Scores, Channel Quality Scores as well as other metrics. We look at:

  • Total Followers / Subscribers

  • Audience Type

  • Authenticity of comments

  • Engagement Rates

  • Fraudulent growth

  • The potential ROI for each influencer

    • We score each influencer and create an easy and convenient way to discover the best ones for you

We can guarantee the
best performance results
for your campaign

We have outstanding analytical teams focusing purely on numbers to ensure your influence marketing campaign meets its goals

Mechanics and technology

Powered by HypeAuditor technologies, we not only have first priority for any new features, but we also:

  • Have access to exclusive tools

  • Share the results of our campaigns with HypeAuditor to allow their

  • Share our extensive knowledge with HypeAuditor to ensure their technology can help create the best campaigns

  • AI and machine learning mechanics to increase interactions and ROI

Delivering the most engaging
ad experience

We are committed to building creative and engaging influencer marketing campaigns to reflect your brand.

At HypeFactory we consider influence marketing as one of the most effective methods of reaching your target audience. We are able to achieve a vast amount of traffic on your marketing campaigns by using influencers and social media platforms.

  • We have the know-how to increase sales using a positive ROI
  • We are always conscious of what new developments and improvements can increase the success of our campaigns
  • We use our cutting-edge AI technology to monitor how our campaigns perform
  • We are quick to react to any changes and always test creative solutions to ensure campaigns are always operating at their peak
  • In order to increase sales and engagement we create paid promotional posts native to Instagram and other platforms and keep your brand at the height of its marketing potential


We use a wide range of indicators and metrics to select the right target audience for any product and campaign. Our extensive expertise alongside our access to AI allows use to predict the outcome of marketing campaigns before they even launch.


For the last 3 years, we have launched performance campaigns in a wide range of areas across the globe.

We monitor how our campaigns are running and quickly respond to any changes that are needed.

Our experience in marketing, our AI and our large user base help us to continually predict results, improve campaigns and adapt to any creative challenge that comes our way.



We use multiple platforms to ensure you reach the right target audience and to make sure we can tailor your campaign to the best platform. For E-Commerce campaigns we use:

  • As the main platform due to its superior integrated features for selling goods, using stories with links, paid promotional posts and tracking analytics to monitor sales and engagement

  • As we have influencers talk about the product in greater detail and provide links to ensure viewers can access your brand more easily

  • Allows us to have influencers talk about your brand, use banners on videos and have promotional videos in users’ feeds

  • Has allowed us to work with influencers much more closely as they can use their stream to talk about your brand in a sponsored stream or they can include your brand on the title of their channel page

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