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How we run high performance campaigns

  • Use 55+ metrics, spanning all major social media platforms

  • Hyper-target niche audiences with high income and specific needs

  • Target a specific city or even a specific area

  • Instantly access over 16 million influencers

  • Precisely analyze platforms, channels, topics etc. with our own cutting-edge tools

    Delivering the most engaging
    ad experience

    We are committed to developing the most creative and engaging influence marketing campaigns to reflect your brand and convert sympathies into orders.

    At HypeFactory we strongly believe influence marketing is one of the most efficient methods of reaching a particular audience. Within a campaign top influencers will drive a great amount of traffic to your designated sources from all social media platforms.

    • Only positive ROI of each campaign
    • Best trends and features for never-ending improvement
    • Cutting-edge AI technology monitors campaigns performance
    • We quickly react to changes and always come up with creative solutions to ensure best possible outcome
    • Make your brand sound loud with Paid Social posts to increase sales and deepen engagement

    Discovering the Best Influencers

    HypeFactory refers to comprehensive and accurate data to identify influencers best suited for your marketing campaign. We measure Audience Quality Scores, Channel Quality Scores and many other factors.

    • Total Followers / Subscribers

    • Audience Type

    • Brand mentions

    • Engagement Rate

    • Fraud

    • Potential ROI per influencer

      • We assess each influencer and provide an easy and clear solution

    you never dreamt of

    Our outstanding production team is carefully tracking numbers to make sure your campaign meets its goals

    Mechanics and technology

    Powered by HypeAuditor technologies, we instantly get new features and much more:

    • Access to exclusive tools

    • Share results of our campaigns with HypeAuditor to continuously enhance analytic potential

    • Share our extensive expertise with HypeAuditor to create best campaigns

    • Increase interactions and ROI with AI and machine learning

    Ultra-Specific Metrics

    HypeFactory does not stick only to basic social and demographic metrics. For assessment we apply a wide range of unconventional parameters to find you the right audience which will proceed to a target action. We can predict the outcome before a campaign even starts.


    Since 2018 we have launched 300 high performance campaigns in a wide range of areas across the globe.

    Real time tracking and instant adjustments ensure best possible results.

    With remarkable influence marketing experience, AI and a large user base we continuously improve the technology and learn to embrace new creative challenges that come our way.



    HypeFactory works with Instagram, TikTok and YouTube which are the perfect platforms to promote products and services. Your products will be introduced to the right audience in the right place.

    • On Instagram, the majority of users tend to have a higher level of interaction with colorful and engaging content. At HypeFactory we know how to introduce and promote your product in the most appealing way to new audiences. We use stunning images, inspiring Stories, engaging Swipe-Up links as well as Paid Social and promo codes.

    • YouTube is a great platform for emphasizing each aspect of your product and can be used to reach a very wide range of audiences. HypeFactory will develop intriguing and engaging content to introduce your product in the best way. We make sponsored videos, game reviews, pre-roll ads, major worldwide launches and much more.

    • TikTok is the number one platform to run sponsored challenges on. HypeFactory will create viral content in order to engage as many users as possible. The more mentions your product gets, the higher it is going to appear at the top of users’ feeds, meaning high levels of engagement with new users. To reinforce promotion and track the results we also apply promo codes.

    • Twitch is your perfect choice if you aim to reach gamers and cyber athletes. Streamers are often supported by extremely loyal followers. Integrated content in streams manages to deliver incredible levels of engagement and can lead up to 30% of the audience engaging directly with our ads.

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