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HypeFactory is a one stop shop influencer marketing agency that delivers your promotional goals with excellence.

We select from millions of influencers and find the best fit for your marketing objectives.

HypeFactory’s main principle is transparency and a measurable approach at all stages. This starts with the selection
of influencers and budget estimation, to a deep analysis of results after the campaign.

We make your brand known, worldwide.


Alexander Frolov


Alexander stood at the origins of HypeFactory, it was thanks to him the agency and its genuine technology evolved. Now Alexander is working on our company’s strategy – exploring new markets, developing popular products and continuously accomplishing the entire business process.



Anna Puzakova

Head of Brands

Anna has been working in Influence Marketing for about 4 years. She has gone through a long journey from ordinary Manager in a small startup to Head of Brands in HypeFactory.
Thanks to Anna’s strategic vision, case-by-case approach and close supervision of advertising campaigns brands became recognizable. They also gained loyalty and love from the audience. This is confirmed by dozens of top advertising campaigns in collaboration with bloggers. Anna manages a high qualified team, which works with clients all around the world.


Daria Arzhanik

Head of Performance

Daria has been working in Influencer Marketing for 4 years and 3 of them she is a leader. She was one of the first in the CIS to work with Western bloggers and launch large foreign performance campaigns.
She has dozens of successful cases with the best gaming companies in the world. Daria is a graduated philologist and that helped her a lot to expand the geography of ongoing projects.
Daria is the Mother of marketing specialists. And now she manages a staff of 30 people covering 20 directions, from Korea to America.


Marina Ivanova

Head of Celebrity Management

Marina is a leader with a very diverse experience in the field of communications and relationships with media, celebrities, bloggers and influencers. She is a strong expert with excellent understanding of how the advertising and celebrity market cohabitate in one ecosystem.
As Head of Celebrity - a strategic department for the agency - Marina oversees all aspects in communications between business and media.


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Galina Tokareva

HR Director

Galina is a professional international hunter. She studied Human Resource Management in London, worked in Wargaming, opened Appodeal branch in Minsk and managed international teams across continents. In HypeFactory Galina is in charge of the entire HR management. She applies her potential and experience to keep our employees in love with HypeFactory and always ready to do the impossible.


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Artem Paulkin

Chief Commercial Officer

Artem is the keeper of HypeFactory’s business strategy. With managing experience in StickerRide, Deluxe Interactive, Dentsu Aegis Group and OMD OM Group now he is supervising over development and implementation of management solutions to bring HypeFactory to its goals.


Evgeny Grigoriev

Account Director

Evgeny is our bulletproof multifunctional expert in advertising and communications. Throughout most of his career Evgeny worked as an Account Director helping to promote different products. During the years of cooperation with Ventra and MODUL PRO agencies he scored numerous successful strategies for global brands. At HypeFactory Evgeny manages the entire interaction with customers, starting from a brief and developing long-term cooperation.


Vita Severgina

Business Development Director

Upon graduation from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University Vita discovered the advertising industry. She also accomplished MBA at the Supreme School of Russian Foreign Trade Academy, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Economic Development. Vita`s impressive experience in advertising is a perfect background for the new challenges – business development at HypeFactory.




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