About the project

Earth 2050 is a site about the future of our planet, as seen through the eyes of futurists, scientists, and ordinary internet users from around the world. The project helps to picture how cities will change under the influence of technology and globalization, how people will work and interact with each other, and what the future of food sources and lifespan will be.

On the project website, people from all over the globe as well as experts from various fields, are able to share their predictions about the future of our planet.

The main goal of this project is to draw attention to the cybersecurity of the future. Kaspersky seeks to make the world a better and safer place to live, and in order to do that, it is crucial to understand what we may face in the next 10, 20, or 30 years and what is truly worth protecting.


The main goals of this marketing campaign were:

1. Get relevant traffic to the site

2. Increase Kaspersky’s brand awareness

3. Strengthen the position of Kaspersky in the market as a leader in cybersecurity

4. Attract active users who will submit their predictions and will interact on the website forum as much as possible

Target audience and market segmentation

Since this site is dedicated to the topic of technology and the future, we have decided to focus on a young, male audience.

Who: young men from 18 to 34 years old

Location: countries of Western Europe and English-speaking countries

Platform and campaign format

The main goal was to increase brand awareness of this project and the activity of users on the website. The first step was to choose a platform where our target audience is the most active.

We decided not to work with Instagram influencers due to the fact the more than 55% of its users are females. On TikTok, the average age of the audience is 16-20 years, which is also outside of the specifications. The platform that met all of our requirements, both by gender and audience age, was YouTube.

Also, according to our estimations of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, integration, and branded videos from YouTube, creators showed the most optimistic forecasts for CPV, CPM, CPC.

Preparatory work

The main section of the 2050.earth website is “Predictions” where people try to picture the future of 2030, 2040, and 2050, as well as comment on the predictions of other people. In order to immerse visitors into this project, we contacted 15 world experts from different fields such as: engineering, design, neurobiology, and astrophysics and asked them to prepare their forecasts about the future of our planet. Among these experts were:

  • Historian David Christian, founder of “Big History” which is an academic disciplin which examines history from the Big Bang to the present.

  • Futurologist and author of three bestsellers Jacob Morgan.

  • TEDx speaker and zoologist, Michael Dugon.

  • Architect and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carlo Ratti" who researches how new technologies are transforming our worldview, design, and urban life.

To highlight their “predictions” we have prepared some accompanying visuals

Working on the project

Using the algorithm developed by HypeAuditor for locating influencers, we were provided with a list of channels that create videos about technologies, engineering and the future, as well as have a suitable target audience interested in these topics.

The YouTubers from the list were analyzed by 38 metrics using HypeAuditor which selects those who regularly create high-quality content and get lots of views, as well as the ones that the audience likes best and which engage with their content.

For integration, we chose Ivan Miranda, SilverBrain, Isaak Arthur, Nick Zametti, Peter Sripol, and a few other creators.

Video posted


Type of integration: brand video Dates of publication: December 18, 2018 - December 24, 2018

VIDEO REACH 1,404,460
LIKES 37,000
CPV $0.028
CTR 0.57%
ER 33.3%

A team of bloggers created an aircraft based on a prediction from the website and filmed the process and the results. Given the complexity of the design and filming, the video received extremely great coverage among the target audience and excellent CTR and CPC rates.

Ivan Miranda

Type of integration: brand video Dates of publication: December 13, 2018

LIKES 1,300
CPV $0.058
CTR 1.2%
ER 19.2%

The Spanish inventor Ivan Miranda, inspired by one of the predictions on the site 2050.earth, created a firefighting robot.

Despite the fact that the CPV for this video is higher than that of other Youtubers which participated, the engagement rates were the best of all submissions, as evidenced by the engagement rates in the video and CTR.


Type of integration: brand video Dates of publication: December 15, 2018

LIKES 4,000
CPV $0.014
CTR 1.4%
ER 12.8%

The Russian-Italian team of bloggers shot an exclusive video based on the predictions from the site. The audience of this channel reacted well to the publication, and although their reach is one of the lowest in this advertising campaign,their CTR is the second on the list.


Type of integration: video integration Dates of publication: December 15, 2018

VIDEO REACH 1,234,545
LIKES 27,000
CPV $0.008
CTR 0.079%
ER 36.5%

The Youtuber ClayClaim has provided us with a broad reach of the target audience with extremely low CPV. This channel was used to increase coverage for the audience we needed (the average demographics of the blogger’s audience are males, 25-34 years old). This reach was obtained due to the fact that the vlogger shoots videos on “hot” topics; in our caseit was “Fortnite.”

In the future, such channels should be considered for campaigns if the main goal is brand awareness

Isaac Arthur

Type of integration: brand video Dates of publication: December 17, 2018

LIKES 5,200
CPV $0.41
CTR 4.3%
ER 16.1%

The best placement in terms of CTR.

This vlogger fits perfectly into the project, as the channel was originally dedicated to the topic of the future and technology. The result was the most native integration with a high level-of-engagement rate. The team from Kaspersky helped us find this vlogger since they had long been familiar with his work and knew that his content would fit perfectly into the marketing campaign.

Campaign results
  • Views
  • Likes
  • CPV

Our main goal was to attract active users to Kaspersky's interactive site https://2050.earth/

Using our algorithms and the HypeAuditor tool, we were able to quickly collect relevant YouTube channels. Thanks to our production team that is working with vloggers, we were able to arrange the product placements on the most favorable terms for the client. We also managed to start the campaign on short notice.

  • We reached over three million viewers , with CPV> $ 0.03.

  • Average engagement rate (ER = engagement rate) was 23%.

A year after the start of the advertising campaign, YouTube remains one of the main sources of traffic for the site. Over the past three months, YouTube ranked first in terms of traffic.

If you compare YouTube with other social networks, we can see the following picture:

Without any other additional investments in marketing and advertising, the project lives and receives new traffic due to the organic growth of video views. Over the past year, the number of views on branded videos has increased by an average of 40%.

For future customers, we would like to note that YouTube works exceptionally well in the long run, as, over time, the branded video will continue to get more views, as well as go to the TOP for the desired keywords in the search results. When working with YouTube, you get “evergreen” links that, with the right selection of vloggers, will generate relevant traffic for years to come.

Advice to Kaspersky

In future work on this project, where the main success criteria remain the same, it is necessary to focus on:

  • Vloggers from relevant niches (Isaak Arthur)

  • Local vloggers (SilverBrain)

For other integrations with enthusiastic inventors like PeterSripol and Ivan Miranda or other creative bloggers, we recommend content branding and future usage as a PR tactic for the Western media. Such an approach will significantly increase audience reach.

General tips from HypeFactory

It is crucial to understand that the principles of working with bloggers on Instagram and YouTube are fundamentally different.It is true that even though a seemingly “simple post” on Instagram can take many hours of work, YouTube also includes a vast number of tasks that a blogger must solve. Light, script, editing, SEO video optimization, shooting, creating a thumbnail, and much more.

Given all of the above, you need to adapt to the vlogger and his schedule.

In order for the advertising campaign to succeed, you need to clearly understand your goals and objectives, correctly calculate the ROI of this media channel, and also give the most detailed and accurate specifications to the vloggers. Due to experience with this campaign, we can highlight the following bullet points for you:

  • When planning a marketing campaign, it is necessary to determine the minimum and optimal KPI.

  • Apply an iterative approach to the implementation of the campaign.

  • Focus on the performance component of influence marketing.

  • To increase the conversion funnel for bloggers, try to expand topics, regions and develop new ways of implementing the campaign. For example, our customers from Plarium know this and therefore came up with an exciting approach for creators from YouTube.

  • To strengthen the positive image of the project, it is necessary to use bloggers to create high-quality content, and together, with the PR Department, promote the materials throughout all media platforms.

Anna Puzakova Project manager

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