Influence marketing KPIs: 5 ways to measure success 22.09.2020
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will help you evaluate the success and effectiveness of a marketing campaign influencers are involved in.
  1. Brand Awareness The content you create in collaboration with bloggers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms should increase your profile Track your target audience growth and activity connected with the influential person. Count the indicators for each individually:
  • Overall coverage (publicly available information). Any social network has built-in analytics tools. For instance, the number of times a video has been viewed on YouTube.
  • Personal coverage. Ask the blogger to share their coverage data and video impressions sent to them via social media posts.
  1. Social activity Real interaction with the content is the best way to understand the mood created by an ad, to find out how your content affects the blogger's audience. Many marketers consider this metric a key factor in influencer marketing, so for every influencer and every post, always count:
  • Likes and dislikes (on YouTube). It is a way to evaluate the hype around your content.
  • Help to evaluate the mood your content creates. Facebook's algorithms, for example, take into account the reactions first, only then likes.
  • Positive and negative comments. They show whether your audience likes the content or not.
  • The number of people shared by the ad post. A content quality indicator is essential. If people recommend your content on social media, they will most likely recommend your product.
  • The number of clicks per post, video views or clicks on your link. This determines your audience Create click-through rates.
  • Number of brand mentions. This will allow you to track where your content is discussed and distributed more.
The percentage of the blogger's audience engagement is equal to the ratio of the total number of likes, comments and shares to the number of subscribers or the number of views of a post (video). You can use the Hypefactory platform to track your ad campaign. Use it to read consolidated audience engagement metrics.
  1. Referral Traffic Measure the traffic that bloggers have attracted to your web page. Use Google Analytics to find out from which sites and social channels users clicked on links to your site. At the same time, you will learn how effective is traffic from an influencer compared to your own content and other marketing campaigns. Find out the income from each click (Revenue Per Click). To do this, divide the income received from the ad by the number of clicks on it (by button, banner or ad)). If the result is more than the ad spends per click, your campaign is successful.
  2. Tracked Links Provide each influencer with your unique UTM tagged link to post in their posts. Generate tags for free ( or using the Google URL Builder. Each metric will show how a person got to your site (where he came from, how and through which channel). This will help you find out which social network is driving more traffic to your site, how much profit each blogger brings to you.
  3. Conversion Tracking After your marketing campaign is complete, the content created by influencers continues promoting your brand. Therefore, track the referral traffic from each blogger that led to the goal (purchase, page visit, form filling). Use the tool "conversion" Google Analytics.
Conclusion The listed metrics will help you understand how the marketing campaign changed the brand image, influenced your subscribers growth. Calculate your specific influencers ROI, during and after the campaign.

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